Life Prayer by Kseniya Ostrovska

Life Prayer

In the name of the highest good,

and the cohesion and integrity of the

forces that hold the universe together,

in the name of the fresh, flowing rivers

of change and evolution and love,

I ask to be changed.


I swear to use the knowledge given

to serve and not steal,

to spread truth and not illusion,

to lift up and not press into dirt,

to walk more humbly and conscious

of the consequences of my actions,

to step lighter and freer on the lush earth,

embodying more joy and hope

in the face of fear and struggle.


In the name of the energy

spiraling outward into infinity,

creating ever greater complexities—

constructions I cannot understand

with the limitations of this supple

but fragile, physical and ephemeral  

human body— I ask to be changed.


I ask that the dark and the light

be melded and refined into a whole

more wholesome to my being—

to the soul that resides within

to the essence ever changing

to the ineffable presence

on the periphery of my faded vision.

 ©Kseniya Ostrovska 2018

Instagram: kseniya_ostrovska_art