Supplication by Fiona Grayson


Give me more of this day,
Expand the gray hour before full darkness.
Stretch the gloaming,
when the reverent hush descends.
In that hallowed half-light
I receive the chill like a penance
and shiver to feel it prick up tiny mountain ranges
upon the desert of my skin,
laid bare in atonement.
The cold rain on my flesh becomes a benediction
and every visible cloud of exhaled breath
carries a fervent but wasted prayer,
tickling the ears of long-deaf gods.

Fiona Grayson is a druid, nature conduit, artist and writer in the Seattle area. Through her relationships with the plant, animal and liminal realms, she is inspired, nourished and given gifts to share with the rest of us. Connect with her @spiralingout on instagram as well as