Tienen Seis Patas II by Ana Gloria Bedolla


The piece I'm submitting is from 2013. I made this with the intention to bring awareness to the insect kingdom and the importance they have in our lives. I make kinetic boxes using sacred geometry because they live in and are sacred geometry. I correlate insects with their unique geometric shape and according to that shape, I create the box they will represent. I also see myself (and humans) as part of a micro system on this planet in relation to the vastness of the universe. Seeing myself through that perspective encourages me to live more in the moment and act on what I love doing. Now I'm focusing on honey bees as they are the number one pollinator of food crops. Again the micro doing macro work! I advocate for the insect world and their important roles for human survival in hopes to trigger, self awareness, harmony and respect in those who come across my work.


My name is Ana Gloria Bedolla, I live in San Francisco, CA, but am a native to Michoacán, Mexico. I received my BFA-Sculpture at Academy of Art University in 2013 and since then have been creating journals, boxes and kinetic boxes inspired by sacred geometry, dreams and memories.

My grandmother had a love for plants from herbs, flowers, trees, chiles and beyond. Her garden was always blessed with crickets, bees pollinating, caterpillars chowing down, dragon flies buzzing through, birds chirping and frogs croaking adding a special touch to the rhythm of the garden. Growing up my mother also had a variety of plants and like my grandmother's garden, insects would come and go as the seasons changed. I've always been fascinated with the insect world and I'm proud to be making work that honors them. According to the Smithsonian, " At any time, it is estimated that there are some 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects alive." They are the micro world providing macro impacts. http://anabedolla.com