Alexa Lamorte is a Pool Designer, Reiki Master and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She specializes in creating sacred spaces and property clearing through minimalist decorating, smoke cleansing, sound healing and her landscape design work. In her spare time she enjoys perusing bookstores, adventuring through video games, and plays piano, drums and ukulele. Lex looks forward to contributing her voice, artwork and humor.

Briana Santarsieri is a psychology graduate and activist with a passion for social justice, poetry/writing, and continuous growth and education. She finds purpose in using her voice to speak about the important and the emotional through peaceful protests, advocacy, deep discussions, and putting her feelings and experiences into written word. Bri seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on the world through her activist efforts, genuine connections, and endless search for truth and understanding. Her loves include her pitbull Sella and her tabby cat Lili, her fascination with the ocean, listening to podcasts, and finding different parts of herself in coffee shops, at music shows, out in nature, and just about anywhere that frees her spirit. If you want to take a peak at some of Bri’s writing, check out her instagram poetry page @b.e.s_poetry and stay tuned for the next issue of Void and Arrow’s online journal!

Emma Gudewicz is a fun loving, laugh addict who craves adventure and creativity. She enjoys many hobbies involving the arts. Anywhere from drawing and painting to singing and playing the guitar. Emma pulls inspiration from life events and travels. Each new adventure, whether with family or out of the country, sparks the inspiration to create. When she is not crafting or traveling, she loves spending time cozying up at home with her fiancé Dylan, her Husky Delaney and her German Shepard Rex. Emma is most excited to contribute artwork, music and light writing to Void & Arrow.

Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, M.A. is a teacher, healer and ceremonialista, offering l i g h t through many modalities. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology, from Sofia University, is trained in Reiki Mastery and Mysteries, Magical Awakenings-A Celtic Shamanism, and hatha, vinyasa and aerial yoga. She is an Ordained Priestess of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet located in Cactus Springs, Nevada and is the author of "Soul Seeds: Remembering Light Language."

Her work with sound healing, ancient water mysteries, light language-the way our soul speaks, the blessing of flowers and the Earth are the base of her offerings. She has led classes, workshops, retreats and ceremonies around the world from her home city Las Vegas, NV to the West and East Coasts of the U.S., Tulum, Mexico and Aegina, Greece. Vanessa looks forward to sharing her writing and calling in the diverse and beautiful voices from around the world to share their work with Void & Arrow.

For her book, sessions, courses and to request Vanessa for a special ceremony or celebration, you can visit her at