V O I D & A R R O W is a blog style online journal dedicated to holding space for the myriad of important conversations taking place and that NEED to happen. Through a heart-centered, illusion-shattering, truth-filled approach, we aim to offer information, inspiration and perspective-shifts from contributors all over the globe. New releases happen bi-monthly. Put October 1st on your calendar, people! It’s going to be good. If you are interested in sharing your light, visit us here for possible feature and submission requirements.

Our Herstory

V O I D & A R R O W was born from a love of creativity, sovereignty, empowerment but most of all family. This is a small part of our cousin tribe. In 2017, we had a dream to create a conscious company with our focus on hand crafting spiritual empowerment tools ranging from intentional candles, herbal bath elixirs, the magic of the moon and all that is sacred in between. In the Fall of 2018, we realized that vision wasn't aligned anymore partly because we each were seeking a different level of autonomy. But also because the world was changing…Consumerism, although conscious, wasn’t something we were passionate about contributing to anymore. There are enough things in the world. What about us? What about how we feel? What about what matters? Our values shifted…

So we put V&A to rest just a few days before Halloween. It was a timely death, held in the arms of Scorpio season. An old era of the project was ready to die and we didn’t know if we would be resurrecting it anytime soon. Through our love of each other and strong value in truth and authenticity, we chose what felt right, which was returning the energy to our individual projects. Until the start of August 2019…

With the current status of society and the world we live in, authentic expression is not only paramount but a birth right. There is illusion built upon illusion with every turn of the head. What is real is left to be determined by the experiencer, but fostering a conversation about the expansion of t r u t h is what is so needed at this time. So in our truth, we would like to offer you space to feel into yours. You may not agree with all that is shared here. That is okay. Peace on Earth won’t come through intolerance. Follow your truth and by doing that fiercely, it inspires others to embody the same.

Find your a r r o w in the v o i d of it all…

Meet the Creators


Vanessa Lamorte-Hartshorn, M.A.


Briana Santarsieri


Alexa Lamorte


Emma Gudewicz

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