HUMILITY by Marlena McGuigan


Artwork by Marlena McGuigan

Artwork by Marlena McGuigan

I want to make an impact on the world, and yet I do not want to leave a mark. I want simplicity woven throughout my life, and yet I do not wish a simple-life experience. I want to be seen and heard and understood - but clearly, in my Divinity… not in the way of projection or some sense of fixity.

I don’t really know why, but this is how I was called to begin this piece. I tend to meet the realms of ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’ daily. Somedays it feels like a tension; somedays it feels like a windfall; and somedays it feels quite seamless and fluid and everything makes heightened sense. My and/or The Unmanifest often leads the way… with an awareness layer of that dynamic happening. As long as I surrender control in one way or another, it all seems to reveal an overall story well.

Point : I want to talk about storytelling. It is a big umbrella for life, in my opinion. We have our individual stories + a kind of collective Story braiding together constantly. We can identify with any selection of pieces… and we can also play the Observer, or detach in a certain form anywhere along the way. Clarissa Pinkola Estes said it well in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves : "the telling moment of the story draws its power from a lowering column of humanity joined one to the other across time and space, elaborately dressed in the rags and robes or nakedness of their time, and filled to the bursting with life still being lived” (p.19). Hopefully all of this sharing will feel as-full-circle to you as it feels in my bones revisiting those words. Here is part of my story…

I shy away from labels, always have. Yet, I am an Astrologer - have been for 20 years at the time of this writing. It is like a second language to me, which I move into and out-with often. Like any other language, if I can’t find the words in my native tongue, I lean on the “other” expression embedded in culture + past to try to describe experience or energetic feeling. I ‘get’ paradox, and small-to-big, and big-to-small, and the grey, and fixity, flow, and fluidity. And, well, sometimes there just aren’t words to describe any of it regardless of known languages or labels understood. So I, and perhaps we, share as clearly as intended.

I am mulatto. I have zero feeling about that word. I know some have connected with various stories about what that word may mean - hell, some may capitalize ‘mulatto’ to signify something stronger or different somehow. I am simply a mulatto : half white, half black. (God. Even those labels are something I wish to distance myself from.)

I am realizing, more and more, that there seems to be forever more. More to learn, more to share, more to connect with, more to integrate, more to let go of, more to surrender to, more to care for, more to care less for… more. This view could be articulated the same way with just one word changing easily. More ways to view things…

All in all : I gravitate towards Oneness. Yet, I understand and appreciate individuality through story. The easiest way for me to articulate an example here is to lean on cultural racism in the United States. I cannot speak to any other country - it is hard enough to generalize now. Tiffany Hadish, an African-American comedian said something like, “you guys know where you come from, you know your history, you know where you’re going because you know where you came from - we don’t know that…” (Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea, Netflix). She was speaking on a question posed by Chelsea Handler about -white- privilege. Her words inspired this whole sharing for me : for me, life it isn’t about black +/- white. Not fully. It is more about connecting with our roots, or ancestors, and our shared (or seemingly separate) stories - which naturally further our individual + collective paths… we need to find + feel our own stories.

The more I listen to people + engage, the more grateful I am that I can, in fact, hear them. To really hear them. If I cannot or if I am mistaken or if I am not-fully-getting-it, the more my curiosity + the Universe seem to magnify what it is that I am still aiming to learn. I am listening. Knowing ‘where’ you come from - whether spiritually or on this Earthly plane feels significant. Knowing one’s Divine place in the world feels key. This writing was expressed through the ‘I’ in many ways on purpose - I hope (as humanity does?) to connect + relate somehow to Y O U, both individually and collectively. Thank you for reading.

With humility,

Marlena McGuigan


Marlena McGuigan, M.A., has her Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Creativity and Innovation. She achieved this milestone in early 2015 from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology - now Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA. She was also certified in Transpersonal Studies from the same school in 2014. Her collective experiences and trainings further crafted her natural way of connecting + sharing, from a space of heightened awareness : with sensitivity, clear honesty, and compassion. Beyond all of that, Marlena is certified in Reiki I, and she may decide to pursue Reiki II+ certification through her dear friend + colleague, Vanessa Lamorte in the near future!

Marlena obtained her Bachelor's (B.A.) in Philosophy combined with a minor in English Writing through the University of Colorado. During her Independent Study, she pursued the field of Philosophical Counseling and created her own business from that study : Mars & Plato Guidance Services - now consolidated into Maieutic•Arts. In 2012, she was asked to speak on the topic of Philosophical Counseling at the Spring Symposium for the University of Colorado.

As an astrologer, artist, teacher, mentor and intuitive guide with 20+ years of experience offering guidance, workshops, and participating in events and galleries, Maieutic•Arts is a company Marlena started to share her passion and expertise in creative self-expression. The word 'maieutic' holds the underlying philosophy for her work : to bear witness to, and to act as a guide for those ready to birth what is already in their own power and being to create. Feel free to contact her to set up your free 15-minute initial consultation. Mai•eu•tic (may-YOU-tick) to the beat of your own drum!