Emma is a free-spirited, well-traveled artist. With a decade of practice and formal study in painting, sculpting and weaving, she works with all mediums, including self-taught wood burning. Emma's work has been featured in two Las Vegas galleries and her pieces are birthed through spontaneous creation, inspired by the time she spends on the road, exploring new places and time spent with family. She is currently focusing on her work with mandalas and building a safe space for others to express themselves creatively in the Las Vegas area. Learn more about her personal offering!

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Chicago

Favorite Smells: Chocolate, Creamed Corn & Man

Best Known For: Her Big Belly Laughs

Loves: Her husky Delaney and her old Dodge Ram, Clint



Alexa received her Bachelor of Art's Degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She also studied Criminology and has a keen ability to analyze people or switch into detective mode when needed. She is a trained Usui Reiki Master with a passion for space clearing, Feng Shui and minimalist home design.(Check out her sacred space offering!) She especially enjoys designing high end pools for a company based here in Vegas! Alexa is an intuitive virtuoso who enjoys creating innovative, functional art with a special place in her heart for all things magic, cats (all animals really) and tending to a good-sized bonfire.

Sun Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Las Vegas

Favorite Smells: Rain, Coffee & Fresh Cut Grass

Best Known For: Her Passenger Seat Harmonies

Loves: Rollercoasters and Miniature Furniture Displays



Vanessa Lamorte, M.A. is a soul Coach, seeress, Reiki Master Teacher and Sound alchemist. She earned her master's in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. While her professional work is centered around healing and encouraging others to anchor their true North, she has a deep love for herb alchemy, crystal technology and the ancient's ways. Float on over here to check out her services, workshops & retreats. Needing more insight and on a budget?

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: The Center of the Galaxy. On Earth: Chicago

Favorite Smells: Rose, Sweet Almond & Cinnamon Rolls

Best Known For: Her Soiree of Instrumental Capabilities

Loves: Astrology, baths, and all things pumpkin


Briana Santarsieri is a recent college graduate, who is exploring her passions and finding her main purposes in life. She earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and envisions further education in her near future. Briana is a social justice warrior with a burning passion for equality, righteousness, and standing up for others. As an avid reader and writer, Briana’s long-time love affair with writing has grown with her, from short stories and journaling to poetry and political/social matters.

Sun Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Las Vegas

Favorite Smells: Ocean Water, New Tires, and Pasta

Best Known For: Her Harry Potter Obsession

Loves: Coffee, Volunteering, and Animals