Thoughts on the Medical Paradigm + Recommendations for Self Care by John Tyler Hoolahan

Thoughts on the Medical Paradigm + Recommendations for Self Care

John Tyler Hoolahan, Doctor of Pharmacy, Reiki Master Teacher

And the Consciousness which Makes Him So

To the collective audience that hears these words, Blessings and Congratulations to you all for Being Here, Now. It is no easy feat to participate in the great expansion and unfolding of consciousness upon this planet. As such, this is an opportune time to provide guidance regarding your physical nature, and medicine. 

Medicine has been practiced for thousands, and thousands of years upon this planet. Medicine People existed in all cultures. Carrying gifts of knowing, alchemy, healing and love throughout the millennia. In the past few centuries there has been an emergence of the concept of a Magic Bullet. The idea that there is an external compound, or collection of compounds waiting to be discovered that can cure various ailments which plague us today. This paradigm relies heavily on the material and measurable properties of the body and of reality. A material and measurable viewpoint is needed; however, if the unseen is ignored in this process, we will never truly transcend disease.  

It is understandable why this belief system exists in medicine today. Humans do not wish to be ill or suffer from dis-ease. This makes us feel unstable, unsafe, and we begin to cling to the finite nature of the linear / egoic aspect of reality. Naturally, the community of evidence-based healers which exists upon the planet feels a desire to create medicine that takes these ailments away so that we may continue to live our lives how we choose to live them.

In recent past, it was a great revelation for humans to develop a substance which can combat infectious diseases, or to learn the necessity of hygiene and clean, safe food and drug products. We have much to be grateful for there, as well as much to practice and utilize during this transition into the Authentic Self and collective dream we wish to live within. There are some beliefs held and projected onto the collective that we must "fight” and “eradicate” diseases like cancer, HIV, diabetes, ALS, etc. Language like, “fight cancer,” is a misguided expression. We must have a strong will to live and continue inhabiting and caring for our body-temple, yes. But, cancer is not some foreign invasion which all of a sudden has infested our population. Cancer and other chronic diseases are consequences of mass inception of the psyche via media / government corruption, and low access to education and information about health. These are spaces where a "fight" may be necessary. An uprising of consciousness. To truly fight cancer as you say, is to continue the fight against your own body. Fighting desperately not to hear your own truth or allow your own changes to unfold. 

Chronic diseases are an expression of an energetic imbalance which manifests and an overgrowth and/or incoherence of cells in physical tissues. The portal through which those cells travel and grow are the human psyche. Decisions, traumas, beliefs, and desires (conscious and unconscious) dictate the functionality of your physical body. How? Your state of being on a biochemical level relates directly to your state of being energetically, mentally, physically, spiritually -- these physical and emotional experiences are what create brain chemicals and regulatory hormones which are released throughout your body. These chemicals regulate the expression of your DNA. Each act of food intake as well as each thought can be seen as a decision to activate certain genes and electrochemical pathways in the body / brain. 

As we become more deeply aware of ourselves and the world in which we live, there will be large changes in the medical paradigm. Themes of which are already present in our world now. As the understanding of our true nature deepens, change comes to all levels of your existence. It involves changes and revolutions in the mental body, the emotional body, your spiritual understanding and your consciousness. In other words, as you begin to operate from your soul’s inner frequency, the internal symphony played between your cells, tissues, and organs changes. This is true for those who are working hard to transform and become more healthy and whole, as well as for those who are not actively working towards those things. 

The state of your mental space, your emotional space, and your physical space all contribute to the quality of this reality-moment. Your state of being dictates your reality. Your inner world is reflected and projected into your outer world. If in this present reality you feel a sensation of a headache, that is part of your reality-moment. From moment to moment you will likely continue to experience this sensation and it causes you to think and act in certain ways; further defining your reality. You may choose to take an over the counter pain medication, you may choose to sleep, you may choose some electrolyte or caffeine boosted fluids, or a combination. This is all Medicine. Medicine changes your reality from disease to wellness. Medicine can be practiced acutely, meaning in a more reactionary fashion. This has its place when traumatic accidents occur, or serious infections spread. Medicine can also be practiced in a more longitudinal way -- treating each day and your choices as medical investments in your future. 

If you are finding yourself existing in a reality that involves stress and you decide to meditate, when you open your eyes with a newfound sense of peace -- you enter a new reality, even if only for the slightest moment. If your anxiety is intense enough to require a benzodiazepine -- you again, enter a new reality by taking a medication to manage symptoms. If you go to 15 years of counseling about this anxiety, you are actively engaged in a reality that involves practicing Medicine. There is medicine for each layer of your healing experience.

This is a time for all human beings to practice health, and to build strength. Resilience will serve yourself and your communities in powerful ways. You are your own Doctor and Healer. It is paramount to question, define and advocate for your beliefs regarding your personal health and the health of this planet. This is not to say a serious health problem should be ignored or diminished -- quite the contrary, a noble physician or healer will tell a client when they need a second opinion or to seek special types of care for certain ailments. Find education and information that reveals the medicine you need to you. Dream of a world where you can have access to all of the great healing tools upon this earth simply by being a member of this global community. I will dream with you and contribute my expression to the formation of this reality. 

The remainder of this passage is dedicated to education and inspiration. These recommendations are intended to provide physical and tangible resources for your personal healing journey. We enjoy speaking upon the philosophical nature of truth, reality, and how those impact medicine, but in the spirit of balance, there are some detail oriented steps, factual information, and tangible products you can implement to take action which propels your soul journey. 

:Evidence Based + Intuitively Inspired Tips and Ideas for Self-Care through Transforming TImes:

Focus: Mental / Emotional Well Being. With the influence of the watery, transformative, passionate and perhaps intense energy of Scorpio influencing our energetic landscape at this time the information shared will focus on ways to balance and practice medicine for your mental and emotional health. 

Disclaimer: While I am a licensed pharmacist with a background in the healing arts, this article does not exclude anyone from consulting their doctor, naturopath, or preferred diagnostician prior to making any changes to your current health practice. If you currently take any medications or supplements reach out to a local pharmacist or drug information hotline for information about interactions and safety of certain products. 

In 2016 approximately 16.2 million American citizens experienced at least one episode of major depression, and according to statistics from the World Health Organization, depression affects over 300 million people worldwide. The current western treatment paradigm for mental illness involves pharmaceutical intervention with FDA approved medications coupled with psychotherapy. This is an effective intervention for some, but for others it is not. Approximately one third of patients with clinical depression reach complete remission with this type of therapy. This leaves two thirds in a treatment limbo seeking a regimen that will treat their imbalance. There is also an aversion to medication in this patient population - one study finds that about 50% of patients are non-adherent to their medication regimen for various reasons like side effects, forgetfulness, cost, and others. 1,2,7,8,10

Diet and depression are linked. Many of us live in a paradoxical reality where we have access to many kinds of foods, but we also suffer from many different nutrient deficiencies. The western diet primarily consists of saturated fats and processed sugar with a relatively low level of fibers and fruits. Westerners are commonly deficient in B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc and Folate. Nutritional deficits and poor diets have been linked to mental illnesses like schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. 1,3 

Beyond malnutrition, there is also an important connection between the microbial entities in the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines) to discuss when observing the connection between nutrition and mental / emotional health. Nerve fibers in the gut (enteric nervous system) connect bidirectionally with nerve cells from the central nervous system - essentially giving clear communication between the brain and the digestive system and vice versa. Serotonin (which has adopted many simplifications by the general public) is an important chemical for mood balancing. It is produced largely by the microorganisms in the stomach from the food we eat. The status of the microbiome in the stomach has been shown to regulate the permeability of the blood brain barrier -- in other words, the bacteria in the stomach tell the body what to let in the brain based on the biochemical and environmental status within the stomach and intestines. Another important mechanism to consider with the gut brain connection is the inflammatory response that is relayed from the stomach to the brain. When our diet is out of balance or we eat a food that causes inflammation in the body, this inflammation is transmitted to the brain as well. Some research has shown a correlation between the microbiome and the maturation and functionality of the immune cells which protect the brain and central nervous system tissue (microglia).5,6,10

It may seem overwhelming to learn about proper nutrition and how to practice the best health ideals for your body, but fear not. You are more than capable of discerning this truth for yourself. Allow yourself to explore the new potentialities of your beingness and use your heart to feel what is true for you and what is not along the way. A good place to start might be a food journal -- just notating what you are eating when you are eating it and leaving space to reflect on how that meal made you feel or affected your mood. We hope this information is uplifting and empowering for you all. You can peruse the inspirational nuggets in the table below. It has been a pleasure to create and express in this way. 

Until we meet again, Namaste Brothers and Sisters. 



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John is a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy where he completed his Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is now working as a registered pharmacist at a forward thinking, independently owned pharmacy in Providence, Rhode Island. John is also a Reiki Master Teacher of both Holy Fire and Usui lineages. He couples his practice in the medical field with his passion for holistic healing, metaphysics, and way showing. John is a Reiki Master, and meditation instructor here to bring an interesting lens to modern medicine. He has published research in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education on the benefits of yoga and meditation for college students (available at and is excited to see where his soul leads him next. 

John offers Reiki sessions and classes for those seeking to learn more about energy medicine, as well as meditation instruction and intuitive guidance. For more info you can go to, or follow his instagram page @dose.of.light