SCRIPTED by Emma Gudewicz


They come and they go. They are so sweet.

They act like they care. They cheer you up when you’re down.

They rub your aching neck. They massage your hurting back.

They say they love your heart-shaped lips.

They say they love your big brown eyes surrounded by long shaded lashes.

They say you’re so cute when you explain and tell stories.

They tell you they’re “your human.”

They visit you. They put time aside for you.

They help you when needed. They joke with you.

They bring you out of your comfort zone.

They look at you like no one ever has. 

They are perfect.

They are everything you’ve always wanted.

They are what makes you second guess all ideas of love.

They are “your human”….

….they are lying.

They are scripted.

They left you with a message that ripped your heart out.

They are with someone else. 

They left you crying with the same lashes heavy and soaked.

They used the pieces of deceit to build you a stronger wall.

They are why you remain a strong, independent woman.

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