V&A Interviews by Briana Santarsieri


Hi there! Welcome to the first interview conducted by Void and Arrow’s very own, Bri! My interviewee preferred to remain anonymous for this personal piece, so please enjoy the tease of the mystery, wondering who lies behind the wise words and juicy details. We would love to continue interviewing others on various topics, so feel free to submit your ideas or requests!


Describe your relationship (i.e. current relationship status, how you met, the overall energy of the relationship, etc.)


I am engaged right now. The interesting thing is that we both hated the idea of using a dating app, but we did meet through a dating app. The biggest thing that defines our relationship is that we’re both really independent – we give each other a lot of space. I can go to family functions without him, rather than hounding him to go or fighting about it.


What challenges have you faced in your relationship this far and how did you overcome them?


Being patient is one of the only challenges honestly. You have to be patient and not get angry when someone isn’t the exact same as you. I like to go out and socialize, whereas he is more of a homebody- we have to be able to see what the other wants and doesn’t want, and be okay with changing your ways so that it works out for both people.


What does sex mean to you? Has it always held that meaning, or lack thereof, throughout your life?


In a relationship, it means being completely vulnerable but also attached to someone all at once. That’s when you’re in your most bare, wide open (literally and figuratively) state. The meaning has definitely changed. I’ve always had to trust the other person so it’s always been a next level of trust no matter who I was with, but now it means getting closer to someone in a deeper way.


Does sex with your current partner differ from that with your previous partners? How so?


Yeah, definitely. It’s totally different emotionally and physically. I think that when you’re with someone that you’re so connected with, they’re more willing to learn different things and see what you want and give that to you. People who aren’t in as serious of a relationship with you tend to be more in it for themselves. It could be good maybe sometimes but not all the time.


What’s the most embarrassing sex moment that you’ve had?


The most embarrassing moment is probably anytime I have queefed during sex. It’s natural, but just so unexpected and disrupting.


What are your and his favorite sexual acts/sex positions?


We love starting off with a massage, that’s a pretty usual thing. We also both get a lot of enjoyment out of him going downstairs on me, if you know what I mean. ;)


What would you say to young adults who are now beginning their romantic/sexual lives?


I would say be safe and protected, but it can be good to ‘hoe out.’ You might think it’s good with that specific person, but after a few years you may learn that you want something else or more. You have to learn what you like before you decide to spend your life with someone else. You should know that there are options out there.


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