Here at VOID & ARROW...

We are a sisterhood of independent women, coming from a long line of strong-willed family with the drive to put our natural gifts to use, build freedom in our own lives and help stoke that same fire in others. 

With VOID & ARROW, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest grade of love through our artistry. We strive to bring you the most eco-friendly, organic and conscious products. All parts of the process pass through our own hands so know that lots of love and magic is imbued into everything!

Our alchemy is a co creation of celestial imbuements, herbal & crystalline infusions, Reiki and sound medicine. All creations are consciously manifested for you in consort with the moon and her cycles.

Let us help you grow spiritually and deepen your own connection to the sacred. At V & A, we hope to see you expand your own practice and self-love through the support and empowerment of our tools and creations.  

Warm wishes,

Vanessa, Alexa, Emma, & Briana